Sweet Amylee

First Impressions

It’s hard to know if she’s sweet from the tour, but Amylee sure is hot. Her site is dubbed as chronicling the adventures of the web’s premier little sexpot, and if the images and videos provided on the free pages are any indication this babe gets a lot of action. First, she has an incredibly hot teenage body with a super slim waist, tiny tits, and an ass so tight you could bounce quarters off it. Second, she has the kind of sex drive you see very rarely in women; she seems to want sex all the time and she doesn’t care if it’s with a man or a woman. As you might imagine this results in an awful lot of hot fucking.

Hot Promises

Sex, sex, and more sex! Amylee appears to be getting fucked in every one of her content updates, although I’m sure she’s also got a few solo galleries tucked away. On her tour page she’s actually laid out a list of reasons why you should join. Included in that list are weekly live sex shows, a personal diary, plenty of friends and special guests to spice up the action, the ability to contact Amy personally and of course all the hot pictures and videos. If she can come through on half of those promises it will be a great site.


The first page of the member’s area features pictures and descriptions from the four latest picture and video additions, an excerpt from her diary, and a poll you can take to improve the browsing experience. Other than that the page is blessedly empty and free of any invasive advertising and other distractions. When you’re ready to begin browsing the content you can simply click on one of the latest additions or use the navigation bar to browse to the picture or video galleries.

I chose to check out the picture galleries first, as I always do when reviewing a site. Amylee has 78 image galleries within her member’s area, each with an average of 50-150 images. Although she gets quite frisky in her videos – there’s a ton of hardcore sex within them – most of her picture galleries are devoted to the worship of her body in a solo state. There are a few hardcore and lesbian galleries mixed in, but most of the time you’ll just be soaking up her beauty.

That doesn’t mean Amylee isn’t still a nasty babe just because she’s posing solo. There’s one gallery where she fucks her pussy with a bottle of Bailey’s Irish Cream and another where she rubs a lollipop along her sweet lips. She also does a few galleries in naughty outfits (sexy schoolgirl anyone?) and lingerie. Overall there’s a wealth of quality content to soak up in the picture galleries.

The real draw of the site lies in the videos. Amylee is a cock lover and she gets fucked in at least half of her 50 videos. In the others she’s either eating pussy (or being eaten) or fucking herself with a thick dildo. She’s quite enthusiastic when it comes to sex as well. She makes quite a bit of noise while her pussy is being plugged by a thick dick, and she happily accepts a load of cum in her mouth when it’s all over. She even has anal sex on occasion, although it’s pretty rare so be sure to savor the clips where you manage to find it.

Each video comes with a high speed and low speed option for downloading. The scenes are broken up into several clips to make downloading simpler. The high speed clips for instance each measure 26mb so you can watch one while the rest are downloading. You can also browse a screencap gallery of each scene to determine which clips you’d like to download if you’re not planning on grabbing them all.

While she came through on her promises of hot videos and picture galleries and lots of guests to spice things up, Amylee has dropped the ball when it comes to the live shows and diary updates. There’s a page where you can view the schedule for her live shows, but the only thing you’ll find there are advertisements for two cam networks. The diary page was updated at one time, all the way back in 2003. Obviously, Amylee’s not around anymore to take care of any of these tasks, but I don’t see any of this as a problem. She left behind a great legacy of content and there’s enough here to keep you entertained for months. If it isn’t then you can simply browse to one of the 45 bonus sites that come with your membership.

If you do happen to join there are a few content sets you should really check out. The first is a picture gallery featuring Amy and her friend Jade. The girls do some amazing things with a double ended dong that you have to see to believe. The second set is a lesbian threesome featuring Amy, Kream, and Star. The girls use a strap-on cock to fuck each other, eat plenty of pussy, and have some lovely titty sucking moments. It’s quite a spectacular scene.

Croco’s Opinion

Amylee has put together quite a spectacular site that begins with her. She’s a gorgeous girl with a beautiful body that she puts to use seducing both men and women for your pleasure. The video pages are filled with hardcore sex, which is balanced out by a number of gorgeous solo galleries in the pictures section. If you like Amy and you like teen hardcore then there are few sites that will serve you as well as this one.


Browsing the site is quite easy, and the content is very well laid out. Each picture and video gallery comes with a description and multiple preview pictures to assist you in selection.

Pricing Policy

You can subscribe to a 3 day trial for $2.95, which then renews at $29.95 a month. You can also subscribe outright for 30 days at the $29.95 a month price, or subscribe for 90 days at a bargain price of $59.95. Payments are taken by credit card or check.

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